It is a great professional service to bring clients and families back to a sense of security and peace of mind.

My practice is based on my commitment to bring the care and the hard work needed to make this service a reality.

My 23 years of experience and expertise assure competent, diligent and results-oriented representation.

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Debt can be disabling. It destroys the hope and peace in people and in families. However, there are powerful tools to overcome this seemingly impossible burden. Federal and state laws provide options to eliminate many types of debt. Bankruptcy is an option that can provide the long-term solution that families and people are searching for. Please contact me for a free consultation regarding your debt relief options.


If someone has filed a dependency against you, you need an attorney. Many families cannot afford an attorney because of the cost. You should contact the King County Department of Public Defense right away to see if you qualify for an attorney at no cost to you. Their phone number is (206) 296-7662. I am a private attorney that the county appoints to represent parents and youths in some dependency cases. A dependency case is the type of legal case that is started if the State believes children are being abused or neglected. A dependency case many times will result in children being removed from their family.

Other Practice Areas

I also represent individuals or provide legal assistance in the following areas: Youths and families involved in the Washington State Juvenile Justice System. Expungement of juvenile and criminal records, including non-conviction data. Selected asylum cases. Small business planning documents, including corporations and limited liability companies. Wills, Trusts, and health care planning documents.